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There are thousands of ways to travel around the world, but discovering a country by foot is still a unique experience. It is often the only way to see the world, in full immersion. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Reconnect with nature, challenge your limits and picture yourself in unique landscapes, far from the modern world. With the best trek experiences off the beaten paths in Colombia, Adventure Colombia is taking you in the heart of sacred lands in Colombia, in the most remote and quirky landscapes! You can choose any types of treks in regards of difficulty, from the easiest to the most extreme, closer than ever to wildlife.

Thanks to our commitment to a responsible tourism, our impact of local biodiversity and communities is very small, in order to preserve all the beauty and authenticity that make Colombia a magic place. Our trips and packages offer you to do a trek in the most beautiful regions of Colombia. From the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to Los Nevados Park. Our treks will bring you to the most spectacular landscapes in Colombia, in the heart of a wild unexplored nature[/read]

The most beautiful treks and hikes in Colombia

Colombia is a true paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Mountains and landscapes of arid, snowy and wildlands, get amazed by all the beauty this raw nature has to offer. Colombia is a hiking hotspot, usually in unexplored, virgin places in Colombia. Be one of the first to adventure yourself deep inside the amazon jungle, by the Mavecure hills. Connect with communities from the past in breathtaking landscapes, on the path of the Lost City. Climb all the way up to volcanoes in lunar landscapes, above the clouds in the gorgeous Los Nevados Park or Puracé Park. Colombian land is rich in natural amazing landscapes. Discover all the beauty of Colombia, its precolonial history, its wildlife, its vast lands,world unique sceneries, during a trek or a hike.

Trek in Los Nevados Park

Los Nevados ©SylvainGhirardotto

The Trek in Los Nevados Park can be done in 1, 3, 5 or 8 days. There is a lot of paths, above the clouds, in lunar breathtaking sceneries. The Nevados National Natural Park is located in the heart of the coffee region, well above the Cocora Valley. The Park was created in 1974 and is more than 58.300 hectares. It is located on the central cordillera, between 2.600 and 5.321m high.

Its landscapes are gorgeous, scattered by volcanoes, lakes and forests lost in one of a kind landscapes of paramos. Within Los Nevados Park, discover snow-capped peaks as well as a unique flora such as the frailejón. There are more than 530 species of birds living in these unreal beautiful landscapes.

Discover all the beauty of the Andean region by choosing one of our many different excursions in the Nevados Park. From a day-trip to a full 8 days immersion trek!

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Lost City Trek
Ciudad Perdida

The Lost City trek is an archeological sacred site within the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It was founded between the 7th and 8th century by indigenous groups of the Tayrona community as they saw the Sierra Nevada as their mother and the center of the world. The site was officially rediscover in 1972, but indigenous communities were keeping this place secret for years. In 1986, it was declared World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.

The Lost City or Ciudad Perdida de Teyuna is a mythical site in the heart of the colombian jungle. It is well-known for its amazing vestiges where respect of nature and local community is paramount. During the trek in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta jungle, on the path to the Lost City, a local guide, expert on the region will walk with you. He will share with you his knowledge on the Lost City history and traditions of the local communities.

Do not wait any longer and get ready to do the Lost City trek in 4 or 5 days!

Trek Purace Park

The Purace Park trek can be done in one day. Located in the heart of the central Andean Cordillera, between the departments of Cauca and Huila, the Puracé Park is home to a chain of 12 volcanoes of more than 4.000 meters high. This chain is called la Sierrania de los Coconucos. The most renowned one if the active volcano Puracé which means “Fire Mountain” in Quechua language. Its last eruption was in 1977.

It is possible to ascend it by foot leaving at dawn but this trek request a great physical condition : more than 1.000 difference in height to climb in 7 to 9 hours. At the top the view is beautiful and you can admire the other volcanoes. This beautiful park is spreading on more than 800.000 hectares. It is the largest park on the Andean Cordillera. He has been named Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1979

Let’s plan together the trek that suits you best within the Puracé Park, deep inside wild nature.

Adventure Expedition Mavecure Hills

With The Mavecure Hills Trek, discover a marvel of the Llanos region in 3, 4 or 5 days! Deep into unexplored land, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, right by the plains of the llanos can be found the Cerros de Mavecure. Those hills are some of the world oldest rock formations! There are sacred for the Remanso and Venado indigenous communities.

Hike by the rocks, with panoramic views on breathtaking landscapes. Adventure yourself in gallery forests and wild rainforests. The Cerros de Mavecure is the ideal place in Colombia to enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Mavecure is a completely non touristy destination, truly authentic and off the beaten paths. By the most powerful and the longest rivers of this world, be prepared to live a one of a kind experience with indigenous communities, in the most remote part of Colombia, where nature is queen, where land is sacred.

Discover this marvel of the Llanos region in 3, 4 or 5 days!

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You want to do a trek in Colombia but are not sure about your physical capacities?
Our treks and hikes offer several ranges of difficulties, for casual walkers to professional hikers. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can evaluate together your physical state and capabilities. We will find you the best trek that fit your tastes and physical conditions.

Choose the ideal trek for yourself is not easy. However, you can make your decision faster thinking about what your perfect trek could imply. You need to take into account the overall time you are going to spend in Colombia. It is usually advised to plan an extra day or two on your trip in case of unforeseen events.

Besides, think about the climate that suits you best while trekking. Hot humid climate, high heights and cold climate, something more temperate without heights… it is important to take these facts into account. Do you want amazing viewpoints or do you prefer to observe local wildlife? Would you like to ass a cultural touch to your trek? Answering all these questions will help you in your decision.

Aventure Colombia promotes a healthy and responsible tourism.. Our agency works in collaboration with the local NGO Envol Vert in order to help to reforest the Amazon Rainforest. Our commitment is simple :  1 traveler = 1 planted tree. Indeed, part of the funds received by our travelers’ reservation are directly collected and given to Envol Vert.

Basic Level

The conditions are pretty straightforward and not technically difficult. Low angled slopes with no prolonged steep should be expected as well as easy abseiling in some short section.


This is a more technical undertaking involving long and exposed climbing on snow, rock and ice. Knowledge of rope work and efficiency of movement will be formerly required.


Is a slightly more challenging level. Steep and exposed snow and ice slopes with short sections of rock climbing will be involved as well as some easy abseiling and belaying.


A real physical and mental challenge is required. You will have to climb on snow, rock and ice. Competent rope work, efficiency of movement and good technical skills are required.

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